How do we ship your orders ?

So, first of all, like everyone, we hate to order goods and get them damaged. Especially when these are signed and numbered books when there will NOT be any possibility of remplacement ! And finaly, it costs us a lot in time and money to have damaged parcels.


First of all, we wrap and pack your orders as well as possible. Cardboard, bubble wrap, special packing... you name it ! The more expensive the object, the better the packing :)
In 99% of the cases, this goes alright.

If ever you receive a damaged good : if you order it "Insurred and Tracked", please refuse it when it is delivered to you. This is the only way the warranty will work. If you accept it, this is too late for us to complain to the transporter.
If the shipping company leave the parcel in your absence and it is obviously damaged : DON'T OPEN IT ! call back the transporter and tell him to come and get it back.

Finaly, if this is an "Unsurred / Untracked" order, well ... there's not much we can do then unfortunatly !

Shipping costs cover shipping itself, protections (cardboard etc) and handling. The more you order, the cheaper per item it gets ;)
For special quantities, please don't hésitate to call us.